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Superstar, 2010
Peinture sur bronze, 6 éléments de 35 cm x 25 cm
Indigène, by Chiara Zocchi

The crucifixion is an embrace, thrust by vertical air.
It shouldn't be perceived as a body,
with physiognomic borders and filled colors,
but as a position taken by «someone, who is able to save»
respect to his contemplative.

That is why Jesus Christ,
but also Superman,
and even the Hulk,
and even Flash,
and even Spiderman,
and even the Invisible Man,
and even the Batman,

would be able to save, and exactly for this,
they are relinquished in the air.

It has been such a gesture, the very position of extreme humbleness.
Any kind of thing or person,
that assumes the position of crucifixion, while being able to SAVE,
become humble, not humiliatable.

The head is inclined to one side in a oblique profile, which means many
things; «Things» in themselves do not convey the very expression,
but the position (that of the head, in this case).

Sometimes it happens also with the objects,
Seeing them in a certain position and feeling sorry for them-THEM.
The position expresses by itself;
For instance, a pan leaning against the dish drainer,
in such UNSAFE position, makes us worry about it-IT.

And then,

These superheroes are all, on their own,
Next to them, there stands no mother.
(by the way: no one knows if these superheroes have their mothers)
There is not even a friend, «San Giovanni»,
Superheroes are envied by everyone, and anyway they are ALONE.
Perhaps one of them might have a girlfriend.
Neverless that Indigène crucified all of them solitarily,
with the emptiness around,
there remains the fact that the emptiness is, indeed, something.