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F.A.M. (First Anal Moment), 2011
Tirage numérique, 12 pages, 4 exemplaires, 21 cm x 14.75 cm
Pre and Post Actions in Youporn Categories of Sex, Blissland Gallery, Berlin, Allemagne
Expropriating the bodies from the sex act.
Sublimation and ecstasy of flesh in the non-places of pornography.

«(...) I find myself drawn to F.A.M. (2011), by the Collectif indigene group. I see something that looks like a small reliquary, a Christian icon, with a woman's face suspended in and surrounded by a radiant light. In addition to the unusual use of light, it's the expression that captures my attention. I'm reminded of the sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini that depicts St Teresa experiencing transverberation. Overwhelmed by a mixture of pleasure and pain, the saint's face reminds me of the one in the exhibition, the face of a girl at the moment when we imagine (as the body itself is not shown) that she is penetrated by a penis or a dildo (we know the penetration is anal, as the work is listed in the «anal» category). So we have a women who is penetrated and so pierced, just as St Teresa's heart is pierced by the angel's spear (and I could talk for hours about the angel's sweet, sadistic expression). Her eyes have the same look about them, part revelation, part pain and part pleasure: the same loss of self-control, the same sense of abandon.
In this piece, the absence of all spatial reference that comes from showing nothing but the head bathed in a flat, radiant light reminds me once again of the light-like glow that surrounds the saint and fills the setting with mysticism (...)»

Extrait issu du catalogue de l'exposition: Pre and Post Actions in Youporn Categories of Sex, rédigé par ©Pier Giorgio De Pinto, 2011, Pro Litteris, Zurich, Suisse